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A Brief Biography


As an artist, Doris Anne Ray understands the peace and tranquility that comes by creating a unique painting with brushstrokes and canvas.

Her artistic talent began in her early teens as a sketch artist. Doris continues to work with pencils and charcoal today.

Her first medium of choice was working with oil paints, which started her on a journey of discovery. Doris soon found that working with acrylic paints provided a quicker and more satisfying medium to work with, thus becoming her medium of choice for many years.

Doris halted her artistic pursuits after graduating, and devoted her time to her career as a Registered Nurse in London, Ontario. Later relocating to Northern Ontario, she devoted her time to career, family commitments and raising her children.

Her passion for painting remained dormant until she moved to Sault Ste Marie. Here, her passion was rekindled by the natural, distinctive features of the landscape and beauty of the Algoma District. This inspiration revived the urgency to express her artistic passion once more. Her painting is eclectic in nature, including landscapes, portraitures, flowers and wildlife. Currently, Doris is experimenting with Acrylic Inks, watercolours and pastels.

Doris sees the Hands of a loving God in all living creatures, the structure of the land, the power of nature, wildlife and in the eyes of all God’s children. It is her hope that this theme is exemplified through her artistic work, and inspire others to see the beauty of creation.

Her journey led Doris to procure a space at the Station Mall and the Frontier Village and has since grown to be known as The Artist’s Alcove. After retirement, Doris took on the role of advocating for local artists by owning and operation The Artist’s Alcove as a venue which provides local artists space and opportunity to exhibit their artistic talent.

As of October 31st, 2017 this venue is no longer available to other artists but remains open on a private basis for the public for purchasing the artist’s work and for ordering paintings on a commission basis.  There is now a selection of both paintings and pottery available by Doris Anne Ray and Randy Ray.

The Artist’s Alcove closed location on Queen E.,  St Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, and is now a home based business in Sault Ste Marie, On.

Contact for The Artist’s Alcove is: 1-705-946-5443 

Doris is also a partner with the Arts Council, a member of the Algoma Art Society, Member of the Sault Potter’s Guild. Randy Ray is a member of  the Sault Potter’s Guild as well.